Friday, December 24, 2010

Homily for Christmas Masses

Christmas is all about hospitality. 

It is about welcoming family and friends into our homes. It is about going to visit them. It is about sharing meals together. It about parties. It is also about visiting cemeteries. It is about making and renewing our connections with people. It about generosity, an open door. It is about hospitality. 


And if this is true in our lives, it is also true in our Scripture. 

We hear the tale of the young couple seeking a place to stay the night. We hear of a hospitable innkeeper. We hear of shepherds rushing and wise men trekking to visit the makeshift home. 

And we hear some striking words. In St John’s Gospel, we are told - The Word became flesh, and dwelt amongst us. And alongside that we should read words in Matthew’s Gospel too, where Joseph is told “Do not be afraid to take Mary into your home”.

The command to Joseph is also a command to us. And it is a command not only to welcome the Mother, but also the Son. 

Christ comes and dwells amongst us not just to give us a cause for celebration. Our hospitality extends also to him. And for ever. 

He dwells amongst us - do we keep our doors closed, or invite him in? We have that choice - but how much greater are the blessings if we truly welcome him! Into our homes. Into our daily lives. Into our hearts. As our comfort and our hope. As our guide and our friend. As our constant companion. 

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