Saturday, July 17, 2010

Homily for 16th Sunday of the Year

Mary has chosen the better part

Whose side do you take - Martha’s or Mary’s?
It’s hard not to sympathise with Martha.
There she is doing all the work. Serving at table, washing the dishes, brushing the floor, soaking the pans, filling the glasses - while Mary just sits there doing nothing, listening and chatting.
And the more she does, the more frustrated she gets. She bangs a few plates loudly into the sick. Pushes a door to a little more firmly than usual. Huffs and puffs with a bit more force and volume.
She is annoyed. She is furious with her ... idle ... sister. Livid.
But Jesus is right.
What is more important, chores or conversation? the worry of work, or the joy of companionship? The task list or the guest?
It’s not that the work doesn’t matter. It does. Talbe will be cleared. The floor will have to be swept. The dishes must be cleaned.
But people must always come first. Love, Devotion, Companionship, Prayer can never be second best.
We live a workaholic world where people rush from place to place, work long hours, go on time management courses rather than spend time with their families. We put the kids in front of DVD rather than spend quality time together ... if we are not careful.
No - we might sympathise with Martha - but Mary has got it right.

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