Sunday, December 13, 2009

Homily for Memorial Service at Carmountside Cemetery 13th December 2009

There's a lot about heaven in the Christmas story.

There are angels everywhere. Bringing messages, singing, announcing. And the child who is born, he himself comes down to earth from heaven.

It is a time when the invisible becomes visible. When love, and kindness and generosity are celebrated. When what is often so far away from our lives, for a time is very close.

Christmas is a time when heaven touches the earth.

And though it seems so hard that we are parted from our loved ones at this joyous time of year, what we do today is part of this.

Today, as we remember our loved ones, we reach out over our grief and lasting sorrow to embrace those we love. Our hope can overcome our pain. The rift of death that separates us from them is crossed by our memories, our gratitude, and most of all by our love.

Today earth touches heaven.

Heaven is not far away. The singing of the angels, the heavenly host, reminds us of that. Heaven is not far away, but very very close. Our loved ones are too are not far away. We may not see them, but every time you hear that story of the angels singing, remember this: heaven is very very close. And our loved ones are here with us today.

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